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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Stem Cell Transplant Day-3 Tips and Tricks

Good Morning everyone. I wanted to share a small but important "Trick" while you receive the Chemo before the transplant. Suck on Ice Cubes. Yep that's it! Buy those plastic bags that you fill with Bottled water (Not suppose to drink tap water during the hospital stay). Why the plastic bags? Because the ice is shaped more like a flying saucer and you just twirl it around in your mouth. All over. Gums, Inner Cheeks, under the tongue. This will slow down the blood flow so less Chemo travels through your mouth = Less side effects such as cold sores or swelling of the tongue. Got this tip from Mr. Aldo Delcol Founder of Myeloma Canada. SO "THANKS" Aldo!

Enjoy your day

Never Give Up!



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Myriam said...

Love you Tonton Yvon From Leah and Mimi xxx