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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stem Cell Transplant Blog Day 7

Hello everyone.

Well today was my "Day off" like they said. I've had better days off  believe me. The side effects of the Chemo kicked in last night. Nausea BIG Time.The next days will be the toughest ones but this is all temporary.  The Anti nausea meds make me very sleepy and drowsy. So the energy I had ordered today is Back Order. lol

Her are the Numbers from this morning blood work.

WBC  4.79
Hgb   126
Platelets  184
Neutrophils 4.16 (Higher then yesterday, weird!)

Tomorow is the big day. Should get my Stem cells around 10AM.

I will also get Allopurinol. It's a drug that helps eliminate faster all the dead cells killed by the chemo and lower the uric acid in my Blood. You will find more accurate info on this on Wikipedia:

Moral is still 200%. It's only my Body that is sick, not my Spirit!

Keep Fighting!



annick_letourneau said...

Thanks for the news and moral at 200%, you're very courageous!
I'll pray for you... and I bought new candles too, lol! love, A xx

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow ... Fresh cells !
Stay +


Gabi said...

Hi Yvon,

Just popped in to see how things are going. Sorry to hear about the nausea, but your positive spirit is uplifiting! When I used to suffer with nausea small sips of non alcoholic ginger beer helped me - I'm not sure if you are allowed it, but it worked for me.

All the best for tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Salut mon frère...
Je te prête mon ange...tu peux aller voir ses vertues, elles te seront utiles dans les jours qui viennent



Anonymous said...

Bon courage Yvon!
Myélome Canada

Anonymous said...

Merci pour les nouvelles. J'admire votre détermination à nous les partager mais surtout votre combat.
Je pense à vous fort fort. CatherineXXx