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Friday, January 7, 2011

Bone Marrow Transplant Day-5

Hello Friends.
Well everything went rather well today. Had Blood work done (10 vials). Lungs OK, Heart far so good. Had a long chat with Dr. Propradi. Wonderful Lady Doctor. Proud of myself cause I made people laugh out loud in the waiting room. Made the nurses laugh and the Doctor too when she asked me to remove my chirt to examine me I started signing "I'm too sexy for my wife" and she cracked up!
I beleive in respecting the medical staff! Being a nurse is quite a Job. I think that after being a nurse all your life and caring for others...when you die you're an Angel!
Still Schedule for the 11th.

That's it for today.
Keep Fighting!



Gabriella said...

That's a great start, LOL. Keep your spirits up and your energy high - that's your part of the fight.

annick said...

Une chose est certaine...
c'est une vie que vous avez la joie qu'on vous connait tous...
et le courage qui nous inspire tous, A xx