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Monday, January 10, 2011

Stem Cell Transplant Blog Day-1

Hello everyone. How did I end up jumping from day-3 to day-1 I don't know. lol! Anyway, today packing up trying not to forget anything. Feeling confident but still a little nervous. Only 24 hours away from admission. Still, here's a little more info. I blogged on Jan 8 about the “Picc Line”. Forgot to mention that some of you might have or will have a “Porth a cath”. I've had 2 before. There are single ones and double ones. I've had both. If you have one then you don't need the "Picc Line". This will be my second "Picc Line". Why I had my porth a cath removed. Well once in complete remission they end up being a pain in the butt! Having to rinse it out every month or every other month. But they are very practical for the Hospital staff. So if your Doc suggests you one I say go for it.
Here is a picture of different types of  porth a caths:

And here is a picture on how it is installed under the skin. You don't see it, all you see is a Bump below your Clavicle:

The Idea behind either the Picc Line or the Porth is the have the Chemo mix or dilute in your blood as quickly as possible without burning your veins!. So that is why the small tube goes right above the Heart. I hope I explained it right.

So you all have a great day and Keep Fighting!



cat_grr said...

Vraiment bien expliqué! Mais j’aimerais savoir comment on se sent quand on insère un IV dans le port-au-cath…. Personnellement j’ai tjs eu peur de faire mal au pt.
Lâchez pas

Yvon Papillon said...

Merci. Ca fait pas plus mal qu'une picure. Sauf que "selon mon experience" Ya beaucoup d'infirmieres qui ont du mal avec les doubles. Alors la ca devient plate quand ils piques a coter plusieurs fois.

Merci de me suivre


Gabi said...

Hi Yvon,

Wow, is it time already? Like others, my thoughts are with you! A link to your site will be on my blogroll tomorrow.

Keep us all posted.

All the best! :)

Anonymous said...

My wishes for a successful treatment are coming your way. I am at the Univ of Arkansas, having been here one month now as a MM inpatient and failed to respond to my latest megadose chemo. (1st relapse) IgA high risk. Am waiting for alternative treatments that will be decided later this week. Andrea

Myriam said...

Leah and I send you all our love on Day 0 we will think about you all day xxxx Mimi

Yvon Papillon said...

To Andrea: Well,I'm not a Doctor just a well informed patient. I will share an experience with you though. After my first Stem Cell Transplant my M Spike was still at 4.7. I decided to give Curcumin a trial after reading an article from Dr. Aggarawal! My M spike disappeared completely after 6 months! No kidding. and I stayed in complete remission for 4 1/2 years after that. I used Life Extension, Super Curcumin with Bioperine. Talk to your doctor about it. If you wish to give it a try you can get a 5% discount with this coupon code PAP218 at Allot of research has been done on this by Dr. Aggarawal. You can read about Him on the International Myeloma foundation site:

Wishing you the best and keep me posted on the treatments they offer you.

Hope you read this.

Yours truly

Yvon Papillon