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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Info on Kyprolis Very Very Prommising Drug

Hello readers and Fellow Fighters
Finally found some info on this drug that has been around in the US but not available in Canada yet. Not even mentioned anywhere in Canada yet. We need to do something about this!
Read on:
Now, this ambitious biotech is going after an expanded indication for Kyprolis for first-line treatment of refractory multiple myeloma.  Based on data from a phase III study, patients whose treatment regimens included Kyprolis had an average of 18.7 months of progression-free survival---about twice as much as patients whose regimens included Velcade, the current treatment standard manufactured by Takeda and Johnson & Johnson.
Analysts suspect that Kyprolis has a good shot of gaining FDA approval for first-line treatment, because the FDA tends to look favorably upon progression-free survival data. However, the story is different in the EU, where the focus tends to be on overall survival.
Thanks for reading
Keep Fighting

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Milestone reached 12 years Surviving and Fighting Multiple #Myeloma

Well here we are. Made it! 12 year mark is here. What a long battle. But I'm still winning!

It's been a pretty tough year so far being on Revlimid/Dex protocol but not worst than any other protocol I've been through. The only important thing today is that I've broken the 12 year barrier and I am mighty proud of the achievement. Still there for my beautiful 24 years old Daughter and living life as the best I can.

Made lots of friends with MM through Social Media and trying to help to the best of my knowledge acquired through the years. And they are helping me too with their inspiring journey with MM.

This post won't be very long as my new friend Dyslexia is slowing down my typing ability. But I have acquired a Talk to Text software (got the CD yesterday) that will help me alot. Took me 1/2 hour to type this. So please bare with me I will post again as soon as I can.

In the meantime......Keep Fighting!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Calabrating my 11th year surviving Stage 3 Multiple Myeloma

Hello readers

This is a short post. I am posting today because tomorrow I will not have an Internet connection for a while.

Just wanted to share with you that Friday the 13 I will be celebrating my 11th year Surviving Stage 3 Multiple Myeloma.

2014 so far has been somewhat of a challenge but I made it!

Thank you everyone for your support!

Keep Fighting


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Stem Cell Transplant Blog Question:

Hello readers

Ya I know I do not post often enough! This one will be short!

Any other Cancer Fighters affected by the weather (More pain, fatigue etc..?)

Checking if it's my imagination or not.

Keep Fighting


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Stem Cell Transplant Blog new personal post!

Hello readers and fellow Cancer Fighters

Well today I just want to write about someone else!

Another Myeloma Fighter, His name is John Snippe.

His is undergoing his first stem cell transplant as I write.

He received his Cells on Sept 22. He is too sick to post right now so, My heart and Prayers go out to you Today John.

Been there twice myself! It is a very tough procedure, yet a simple one!

You get Chemo...They Give you the stem cells back and then it's just a waiting game!
It's different for everyone. But I too was very sick for a couple of days during the procedure!

So Sheers to you John Snippe! Hope to hear from your success soon!

Follow John on Twitter: @SnipJ

Or read his very informative Blog where he writes about Stem Cell Harvest as I forgot to write about myself but John has Blogged about it so well that I don't need to!


Keep Fighting John! ...and all of you too!