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Friday, March 25, 2011

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Hello readers

Just as an info, if someone asks a question as a comment below my posts I always reply as a comment below it.

Besides that all is good.

Keep fighting.



annick_letourneau said...

Keep fighting!
Keep smiling!
Wish you the best! Love, A xx

Anonymous said...

You are always in our thoughts.
We wish you strength.
You have helped teach us to continue our struggle with strength.
Martin is home from two months in the hospital and will have his second chemo session on Monday.
A bientot et un sourire,
Roslyn and Martin

Julia Gray said...

Hello Yvon. We are new to this, so is always assuring to talk to someone that has been thru. My friend was diagnosed jan 23, 2011 stage ii / with lesions in arm/legs/skull, gone thru 3 rounds chemo bomz/velcade /prednisone starts shots Sunday to prep for Auto SCT / if all production goes as planned , massive chemo on 20 and 21st then transplant on 22. The worst part he says is the neuropathy in the lower legs and feet. Have you experienced?? Dr says its caused from chemo.. tried accupuncture, and electric impulse therapy. Depressed from pain. Altho we know it will be worse. He dealt with testicular cancer in 2009/ possible mm is from chemo then... who knows, right.. happy thoughts, I wish you continued health. Your thoughts are welcomed.


Yvon Papillon said...

Hello Julia

Yes I have experienced neuropathy BIG TIME. But took a while and did go away. With velcade Neuropathy is possible but reversible after the treatments stop. My best wishes goes to you and your friend on his first Transplant. Dont forget to suck on ice cubes during the heavy chemo before the transplant. It will greatly help in reducing "sores" in the mouth. I did it and did not even get one!

Keep Fighting


Stem Cell Research said...

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Yvon Papillon said...

Thanks again!