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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Stem Cell Transplant Blog Day-1 again!

Hello everyone. I did get the call: Well it's tomorrow....I hope! See my previous post on why this might happen!
So, what are we going to talk about today. Well I got an email from a Cancer patient with questions on if and what I did besides Chemo and all! Well yes I did do alternative medicines. But never while on Chemo. Do not underestimate the power of Herbs and Supplements. Either do one or the other but not both. Some Herbs literally block the effects of the Chemo. I've experienced it! So don't do it. If you are not in treatment then here is what I did. (I am not a Doctor so this is just what I did!)
After my first Stem Cell Transplant my M Spike (Cancer Marker) was still at 4.7. So I decided to give Curcumin a trial after reading an article from Dr. Aggarawal! My M spike disappeared completely after 6 months! No kidding. and I stayed in complete remission for 4 1/2 years after that. I used Life Extension, Super Curcumin with Bioperine. The Bioperine helps assimilate the Curcumin more easily. Why not take Turmeric instead? Well Turmeric or Curcuma contains only around 3 to 5% of the active ingredient "Curcumin" compared to close to 95% with Super Curcumin. If you try this start with one pill and see how your stomach tolerates it. Then work your way up from there.

Talk to your doctor about it.

If you wish to give it a try you can get a 5% discount with this coupon code PAP218 at Not much of a discount but 5%discount is 5% less! Allot of research has been done on this by Dr. Aggarawal. You can read about Him on the International Myeloma foundation site:
What I did is simple. I just bought a 24 bottle case and worked my way up to 3 pills 3 times a day till the case was finished and Pouffff! The M Spike disappeared completely. I remember the Doctor’s face when he told me he could not explain why it happened.
And that’s my plan after my second transplant too but I will stay on it forever!
As far as Meditation yes I did and still do. If you speak French I’d tell you to go to my website but I do not have it set up I English yet.
I also did Acupuncture for my Intestines (Decadron is terrible for the digestive system).
And I Also did the “Breuss Juice Cure for Cancer”.

I am convinced that it all helped allot.
Hope this info is useful to you too.

Wishing you the best and ask me any question you wish.
That's it for now. Time to get some of that cold Canadian Fresh Air!

Keep Fighting!



Pat said...

Hi Yvon
What is ur website adress?
I had a stem cell transplant in Sudbury on.. still in remission
Thanks for ur blog, just found this today, very good to help people with MM..

Yvon Papillon said...

What website?