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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Stem Cell Transplant Blog Question:

Hello readers

Ya I know I do not post often enough! This one will be short!

Any other Cancer Fighters affected by the weather (More pain, fatigue etc..?)

Checking if it's my imagination or not.

Keep Fighting



Snip said...

Not that I've noticed, Yvon. But I expect that there is likely a relationship between Myeloma and arthritis, or some side-effect issues (like my neuropathy / cold feet sensation) that could come to play here.

I do find myself getting a bit more down in dull grey weather than I used to, tho...

Yvon Papillon said...

Thanks John, I was also thinking it was Neuropathy with all the Chemo I got. But days like today I feel all my bones!

Thanks again John

christina said...

Hi there, I'm curious why a second transplant, instead of using novel drugs? I had my sct in march 2006, CR for 4years almost exactly. Then last year went on rev/dex and got CR again. I went off drugs for 6 months, now my m-protein is starting to move. But my oncologist hasn't talked about another SCT,so I'm curious what is leading you to make that decision.
Christina ,in northern California

Yvon Papillon said...

Hi Christina

Why 2 transplants? Well I guess the answer is Why not? EVERYONE is different for this Type of Cancer. It is now a common approach in Canada to fit every treatment to each individual. So I guess they said, "Hey it worked the first time so.....let's do it again" And I have to say that it did. I'm in CR for the second time and going on 10 year survival from stage 3!!! Not bad!

When I was first diagnosed nobody was talking about these new drugs. Some of those I've used (Thalidomide, Dex, Prednisone, CyborD Protocol, VAD's, Endoxan) and lots of natural stuff.

I guess it all worked. Sure my quality of life is not perfect but as my friend John Snippe would say, "As long as I'm on the green side of the grass all is ok"

Of course I will probably need those new drugs eventually but as long as I'm in remission, they keep getting better with less side effets so....I can wait!

Very pertinent question thank you!

Keep Fighting


mike said...

I couldn't imagine going thru what you are going thru. Keep Fighting!!! Have you talked to your doctor about cell extract which will give you a chance to have doctors to study your cells?

Yvon Papillon said...

Hello Mike

No I have not heard of this before. I will sur look into it!


tim's wife said...

A fellow MM blogger, Pat, found that when he and his wife moved from a northern state(I think Minnesota) to Florida, his pain decreased significantly.

Yvon Papillon said...

Thank you. If only I could afford!


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