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Monday, January 24, 2011

Stem Cell Transplant Blog Day 4

Good evening everyone

Finally got the schedule for the coming week.

So today was a break from the Pelifermin.

Still had Blood work, vitals etc.

Tomorrow I will receive my first High dose Melphalan.
Then another dose on Wednesday.
Thursday I start the Antibiotics to prevent infections but no Chemo.

Then Friday is the day I get my Stem Cells back!!!

After that It’s again a waiting game. I will receive other medications but I will get the schedule for that tomorrow.

I still have not resolved the internet connection problems but I’m working on it.

I need to have it solved because once they move me to the isolation room I wont be able to have access to this computer.
Hopefully everything should be fixed by then. If not I wont be able to Blog so I HAVE to solve this!

That’s it for Tonight.

Keep Fighting!

Yvon or...Angelina Ugly!


Anonymous said...

We are thinking of you Yvon. Martin and I and Avra have you in our thoughts.
Martin is still at the Montreal General Hospital. He was unable to have his chemo, we are hoping for next Monday.
Best regards,

annick_letourneau said...

Thanks for sharing xxx
Becs congelés de Ham-Nord!
Il fait frette, c'est pas possible, hi hi! A xx

annick_letourneau said...

Allo Yvon!
Hier on parlait que vous aviez l'air Angelina Jolie qui revenait de vacances, hi hi!
Hier mon chum a comparé ma personnallité à un mélange de Mère Thérèsa et Jeanne D'Arc, hi hi!
Peut-être Jeanne D'Arc avec un petit linge à vaisselle sur la tête... qui sait! :)
Bon courage, A xxx