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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Stem Cell Transplant Blog Day-1

Good Day everyone!
Well, it’s tomorrow again. Admission for a Stem Cell Transplant is a waiting game! (See post from Jan 8th).
It’s not a very confortable situation because you go to bed thinking “Well, Tomorrow is probably the Big day!”
and then you wake up thinking “Well it’s probably Today” till noon. Then it’s all over again!
I refer to my Brain (Yes I have one) as a Hamster running in a cage. Right now mine is about to have a hearth attack! lol!
OK Here is a question I got in my emails today from a Cancer Fighter:
Did you use Poly-MVA?
Well, yes I did.
My experience with it (Hope I don’t get a lawsuit for that!):
Contacted Mr..x, got great communication with the guy until I purchase the product!!!
After that, no reply to my email questions what so ever!
Hmmmmmm, not a good sign I told myself.
Still, I purchased it so I tried it. Results.......none!
Poly MVA is a Liquid that contains a mineral called Palladium.
The Gentlemen claimed that it cured Multiple Myeloma and other forms of Cancer.
Want to know more about it just Google it! I wont elaborate on the subject.
Still want to try it Anyway...Knock yourselves out!
I just personally find it useless and VERY expensive!
Keep Fighting and Never give up!

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