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Friday, January 14, 2011

Cancer and Spirituality!

Hello again!
What? Spirituality?
Well, now I’m either going to gain or loose some followers here!
Once again, this is “MY” experience.
Just want to share this with you guys!
Before my first Transplant I had a dear Friend (No I won’t tell you who!) suggested to me the name of an Angel! The Angel’s name is Lelahel (Divine light that heals everything).
Well during my Hospital stay I prayed this Angel many times a day.
I just repeated the name in my head and in my heart as often as I could!
No I did not pray to “God”, I figured he had enough on his hands these days anyway! lol
Results well, usual length of stay for Stem Cell Transplant is 4 to 6 weeks!
I stayed 11 days! With no Blood or Platelets transfusion and no Diarrhea.
The Oncologist that will be supervising my second Transplant just can’t believe it. She never saw or experienced this yet! Still, this is true! Ask your Oncologist if this is a common thing!
What's my religion? All of them! Whatever makes you a better person...!
Remember yesterday’s post about Rabbi Penn? Well I lit a Candle for him and prayed Lelahel!
Got a email 1 hour later from his sister telling me that his fever was gone and he is getting better!
Coincidence? Believe what you want. No I do not claim that I cured him.
All of the positive thoughts and Prayers that whoever joined me did, well it worked!
Rabbi Penn is on his way to recovery!
And guess what? It’s FREE!
All they ask of you is to be Grateful!
So, thank you all for your Prayers and/or positive thoughts for Rabbi Penn.
That’s it for now.
Keep Fighting!

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