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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Stem Cell Transplant Blog Finally got the call!

Ok, Finally got the call. Admission at Royal Vic. Hospital Tomorrow 11 AM.
Let’s rock and roll!
So, got to get finalized here!
Next post tomorrow!
Keep Fighting!

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Anonymous said...

Stem cells are the body's "master" cells. They create all other tissues, organs, and systems in the body and are the building blocks of your blood and immune system. They are valuable in medical procedures because they can replicate into:

Red Blood Cells, which carry oxygen throughout the body
White Blood Cells, which fight infection, and
Platelets, which aid in clotting in the event of an injury
The ability of certain stem cells (for example, hematopoietic stem cells) to differentiate, or change into other types of cells in the body holds significant promise for improving the treatment of some of the most common diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and Parkinson's disease, just to name a few.

Cord blood stem cells are unique in their properties as compared to all other stem cell sources such as bone marrow, peripheral blood, and embryonic stem cells.