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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Stem Cell Transplant Blog Waiting for the call!

Hi everyone
Still at home waiting for “The Call” for admission to the Hospital....3 day delay already!
Yes I know even some of you are tired of waiting for me to be admitted too! I got an email from a dear friend telling me that she was starting to run out of candles that she lights for me everyday thinking that it’s “The Day” lol
So instead of Day-something let’s just call this “On Standby”!
Cant be more ready then I am now! All packed and ready to go! Honestly, I hate waiting. I want to get it over with!
I did call the Hospital myself yesterday trying to find out how many more days I have to wait info! Don’t call us we will call you!
Darn, I’m not applying for a Job here ha-ha!
Anyway, I did not receive any questions today so I’m consulting with my Hamster (See yesterday’s post) to see what we are going to Blog about today.
How about who you surround yourself with! If you are Battling Cancer, try not to hang around those who Pity you! Yes that’s right, Be a fighter and stand up for yourself. Be Positive and reject the “Oh, poor you!” “It’s so unfair!” “Why me?” etc....
My belief, and I insist it’s “My” belief! Not trying to impose anything here. I believe that everything happens for a reason. Yep that's right that applies to me too!
Cancer has changed my life for the better. I used to be cranky, arrogant, selfish, pessimistic and negative! When I was told that I had Multiple Myeloma stage III after being admitted in the hospital for Sepsis.
I didn't tell myself “Oh my God, why me?” I knew why, I had to change. Everything! Now, well those who know me personally know that I have changed.
Still lot’s of work to be done, but moving forward!
Sure you can eat Organic and take all the Anti-Oxidants that are out there on the market. But believe me, If you are negative, depressed, see the Glass half empty like I used too.
You might be preparing yourself for a big surprise!
How about having “Organic Thoughts or feelings in your heart” lol.
Maybe ask yourself, “What did I sow to harvest this crop?”
For me now I wake up so Happy every morning and I love to make my Wonderful wife laugh. She usually gets up earlier then me and I stay in bed thinking “What prank can I pull on her to make her laugh!” And I succeed everyday!
I have been through allot of Chemo and one Stem Cell Transplant already and some of you Cancer Fighters out there know about “Grande Fatigue” Well, when I get up in the morning I’m like an old rechargeable battery. I’m full of energy for about one hour, then the fatigue sets in but still, I make then most out of this hour. I appreciate it and I am grateful for this hour.
Before the Cancer I used to have lot’s of energy and needed little sleep. But did I appreciate it? Did I make the most of it? No!
Now I do. And after that, thank God for the Internet and you Guys! Blogging doesn’t take too much energy and is actually a real therapy for me.
I will end this post on a note:
For those who wish to join me, let’s have a thought or a Prayer for my friend Rabbi Martin Penn who is in the intensive care unit with fever and breathing problems and all!
He has Multiple Myeloma on top of that like me and is following the same Chemo Protocol as I did.
Who is Rabbi Penn, well he used to be an very respected International Speaker but had a Throat Trauma 17 years ago that left him mute, had two strokes, cant speak, walk, and barely moves his right side.
Think I had it tough, think again!  Now that’s a Fighter.
Keep Fighting and Never give up!

1 comment:

Gabi said...

Hi Yvon,

This is an amazing post! It's great that you are so positive and focused on your healing.

I can relate to your description of how there were things that you never appreciated before you dealt with cancer. I had the same experience, and you describe it so well.

Cancer really does change a person, it's something that I'm also grateful for.

Hope youget the call soon, if you haven't already!

P.S. I got a link to your ste on my blogroll and I'm back on Twitter too!

All the best, keep us updated!