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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Stem Cell Transplant Blog day +54

Hello readers

I have not been blogging for a while as I took a break from the "Social Networks" while I sort out some personal stuff. Just very tired and no energy. Motivation is hard for now.

It's been 54 days already. But I have had no new Dr. appointments so don't know where things are at for now.

Not an easy feeling since you have to wait 100 days after transplant to know how well the transplant went and where the Cancer is at. But half way there.

My eyes are acting up again so it's a bit painful to see my screen clearly still.

But, never give up!

Keep fighting



Gabi said...

Hi Yvon,

Glad to hear you are holding up well. Will keep my fingers crossed that you get word soon and that it's good news.

All the best,

Roger said...

Hi Yvon,

I’m also glad to hear you are doing well.

I have MM also. I go in for my consultation for my stem cell transplant tomorrow. I’ve been on chemo for 4 months and now the decision on what treatment is next. They labeled the MM as P.O.E.M.S. because it is so rare. All my blood test and other test come back normal yet I have 3 active cancer spots on my hip and lower spine. This is the third time for cancer treatment. In 2002, I had plasmacytoma on T 7&8, treatment radiation, 2009 plasmacytoma on the right hip, treatment radiation.

Are there questions that I should ask? Was there anything that the doctor didn’t explain that I need to know?

My thoughts are with you.

Keep strong,

Yvon Papillon said...

Hi Roger

First, good luck with your transplant and keep me posted by email.

As for questions about the transplant if you go through my Blog you should find pretty much all the info you need.


Stem Cell Transplant Matrix said...

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